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Tennis String Tension | The Ultimate Player's Guide + Video

Tension is a measure of the force pulled by a stringing machine when installing strings, typically expressed in pounds or kilograms. When you have your tennis racquet strung or string it yourself, a specific tension is applied to the string by a machine.

What String Tension Should I Use in My Tennis Racket ...

Your skill level on court is the final question that needs to be addressed in order to nail down your ideal string tensions. Here are those tension ranges again, narrowed down even further for each playing level. Nylon/Gut: 50-60lbs (22.5-27kg) Power: 50-55lbs (22.5-25kg) Beginner: 54-55lbs (24.5-25kg)

What Tension Should You String Your Tennis Racquet At ...

Whenever a tennis racquet is strung, be it at the factory to be sold as a pre-strung frame or by your local stringer, a specific tension is applied to both the cross and main strings. This tension measures weight being applied to the string as it’s pulled through the racket by the stringing machine and expressed in either kilograms or pounds.

What Is The Best Tennis String Tension? – My Tennis HQ

Tighter string tensions mean that the strings stretch less when the ball is in contact with the racket. This will produce, all other things being equal, less power than a lower tension. The higher tension also means that the ball flattens more when it is on the racket face, enabling more topspin to be produced.

What are the best strings and tension for each tennis player?

In order to kick things off, here is a list of broad generalisations that will serve you well when narrowing down your string choice and assessing your set up: Lower string tensions generate more power (providing string movement does not occur) Higher string tensions generate more ball control (for ...

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Tennis string and tension is a vital part for a tennis player. It helps the players beat with his/her opponents properly and win the matches. But, it is true that maximum tennis players keep in the same string and never judge the depth level of the string tension, which mistake does not do the pros (professional) player.

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It's a personal choice. First, remember that tension is really a matter of personal preference. Even the pros' tensions are all over the map -- some string as low as the mid-to-high 30-lbs range, while others are as high as 70+ lbs, with most others sprinkled somewhere in the middle. So, it's important to experiment and find a tension that works best for you and your game.

Tennis Pros & Their Strings | Professional Racket Stringer

Here are the strings the world’s top tennis players, (and a few recently retired players), are using in their rackets, together with the rackets they’re using thrill spin slot, and the tensions, (in lbs), they most commonly string at. These tensions are known as ‘Reference Tensions’, and are the tensions the pros will hit with when they arrive at a tournament.