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One-wall handball, also known as 1-wall, wallball or international fronton is an indirect style ball game where one hits a small rubber ball with their hand against a wall with the goal of the game being to score more points than one's opponent when you hit the ball so that it bounces off the wall and the floor (within the court lines) in such a way that your opponent cannot return the ball ...

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One-wall handball was being played on Brooklyn‘s Manhattan Beach by 1917. (NY Historical Society) The single-wall style most popular today was first developed by Coney Island beach-goers who used their bare hands to slap old tennis balls against the wooden jetties lining the shore.

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The oldest are dated as far back as 1500 B.C., and interestingly in only one area is there play involving a wall that depicts the land of the Chichimeca people of the Mexican plateau. A one-wall game is still played in the States around Zacateca, where there are over 400 courts with most of the dimensions 12m x 6m – almost 40′ x 20′.

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Many of the landowners in Ireland supported the game and built ball courts on their land allowing players to participate in ball games. As Irish people migrated to England they introduced handball using indoor “real” tennis courts where it’s thought the use of side-walls in the game was established.

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Handball origins are referenced as far back as 1427 when King James I of Scotland ordered a cellar window in his palace courtyard to be blocked up, as it was interfering with his game. [1] In Ireland, the earliest written record is in 1527 in Galway...Once called "Fives" for the number of fingers needed to play, handball today traces its lineage to the Irish and Welsh folk sport since the 15th century [2].

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One-wall handball courts have a wall 20 feet (6.1 m) wide and 16 feet (4.9 m) high. The court floor is 20 feet (6.1 m) wide and 34 feet (10.4 m) long. When not played as part of tournament or league play, the one-wall game typically uses the bigger ball called "the big blue" (described below in the "Equipment" section).

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An Irish immigrant handball star, Phil Casey, built the first walled handball court in Brooklyn in 1886.