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Grade 6 Basketball Unit - University of Victoria

Grade 6 Basketball Unit This website offers four sequenced lesson plans useful for a Basketball unit at the Grade 6 level. The following lessons have been used in a Grade 6 Physical Education class with great success.

Basketball Unit Plan - Student Portfolio

Basketball Unit – Lesson 6 Grade: 8 Subject: Physical Education Facility: Gymnasium Materials: Basketballs (15) Pennies (15) Standards: 8.1.1 Understand how to combine skills to participate in a modified version of team and/or individual sports. 8.2.4 Use movement concepts and game strategies to play in a variety of individual

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Grade: 6 Unit Name: Basketball Weeks: 13-16 Equipment/Materials: 24 basketballs, 20 cones, 24 colored pennies Technology: Quia Quiz Essential Questions: What overarching questions will guide exploration in this unit? What questions will help students connect to a “big idea”? How does your essential question connect your assessments? -1.

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GRADE 3-6 › › Over 45 basketball skill ideas, drills, ball work and games, and 6 X weekly pre-planned lessons to develop your classes’ sport skills

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Basketball Skills(MS 6-8) - OPEN Physical Education Curriculum

National Standards and Outcomes Focus for Basketball. Standard 1.Demonstrates competency in a variety of motor skills and movement patterns. Standard1 [M4.6]: Passes and receives with hands in combination with locomotor patterns of running and change of direction and speed with competency in invasion games such as basketball, flag football, speedball, or team handball (6).

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Basketball Unit Goals and Objectives

Basketball Unit Goals and Objectives Kindergarten: Upon successful completion of this unit, students will be able to: 1. Accurately pass a ball to a partner using a bounce pass. 2. Catch a bounce pass from a partner 50% of the time. 3. Dribble a basketball with the fingertips maintaining basic control.


BASKETBALL LESSON 4 K-1st GRADE EQUIPMENT • Set up grid area for every 6 1 basketball for every 2 students • Place basketball containers in Containers or basketball cart • 2-4 noodles • 5 cones per court to set up grids (24 students per court) LESSON OUTCOMES: Demonstrate a chest pass. Execute a fake chest pass.


KELLI MCLARTY PHYS ED UNIT PLAN BASKETBALL Lesson 1 Grade/Subject: 10 P. E Unit: Manipulating an Object Lesson Duration: 80 min SPECIFIC OUTCOMES FROM ALBERTA PROGRAM OF STUDIES LEARNING OBJECTIVES (2-3, clear, and measurable) Students will: Intro to Basketball PASSING and DRIBBLING ASSESSMENT S